Ramona Singer Says Tossing Champagne Is Playful, NOT Mean


We all were shocked this week when Ramona Singer three champagne on fellow RHONY Kristen Taekman. Now Ramona has taken to her blog to defend her behavior. On the champagne tossing Ramona says, “Kristen was in the water in a bathing suit at the spa! I got so annoyed when she was adding her comments of what she felt what was going on between Sonja and I. I said, “Why are you adding fuel to the fire Kristen? Kristen I am putting out the fire!” and I tossed my champagne, which is wet, into the water she was in, which is wet.”

She continued, “Then Kristen proceeded to get my hair wet, which I just had done, annoying me further. To me, if I am in a pool of water and someone tosses wine or champagne at me it is more playful than mean.”

What do you think? Who was right? Let us know!