Kenya Moore- There Was A Plan To Attack Me At The Reunion



Kenya Moore, of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is currently having a 1-on-1 that was previously taped with Andy Cohen. On the episode, she has spoken extensively about her confrontation with fellow cast member Porsha Williams at the reunion, where Porsha dragged Kenya by her hair. 

Kenya says, “There was a plan prior to reunion to attack me.”

On the props she used (the scepter and bullhorn that antagonized Porsha), Kenya said, “To say the props were meant to antagonize Porsha was silly because I didn’t have a problem with Porsha this entire year. She wasn’t someone I even planned to have an issue with at the reunion… The props were something convenient for someone to blame their irrational behavior on.”

Kenya continued discussing the incident, claiming, “She is incapable of showing contrition she isn’t remorseful for what she did… Porsha saying you provoked me/you deserved it is a sad commentary for someone who claims to have been abused.”

On Porsha’s claim she was bullied Kenya said, “If I can be honest- the way she fell to the ground screaming and kicking like a baby- then to be coddled like a wounded little bird- when that wounded little bird pulled my hair… That is not a person who was bullied. That was a person who came to do harm.” 

Andy asked Kenya what it would take to drop the charges she has taken legally against Porsha, Kenya said, “She broke the law, she attacked me, and to add insult to injury, she won’t even apologize for her actions… I think there is such a lack of contrition on her part accountability, humility, and just decency for trying to blame me… When a person says they hit you, how do you drop the charges knowing they would do it again?”

Kenya is definitely spilling the tea and we love it! Let us know what you think!