Heather Thomson- Ramona Singer Had Fake Panic Attack



In this past week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer flees the Berkshires trip that Heather Thomson had planned. Ramona claims that she’s leaving due to the Berkshires bringing back bad memories of her childhood. However, the ladies find out later that Ramona is at a party in the Hamptons. Heather has taken to her blog to express how she felt about the situation. 

Heather says, “When she told me in the woods she was just too emotionally wrought over her childhood to stay, I was so sincere in my belief that I even stuck up for her leaving! I was actually proud of her for trying to overcome it, before realizing it was all an act. What I fool I was! Ramona had bigger plans in the Hamptons that didn’t include us — and this fake panic attack was all part of it!”

Heather continued, “I wouldn’t have even cared if Ramona wanted to go and told me. I would have welcomed a plan for her to stay for one night and then head out. But she chose to lie and play me and the others. She didn’t even tell her supposed BFF. I mean look at Sonja! She’s actually more upset then Ramona about Ramona’s childhood. I should have been defending Kristen more than worrying about Ramona, who is once again only worried about one person — herself. Let us just agree on this — And the OSCAR AWARD for best dramatic performance does NOT go to Singer! She needs to remember she is a reality show star not an actress. Know your role Ramona. I say this mostly with jest, because quite frankly I don’t really care. But as I watch the show and see her saying that she is “free” when she is getting on the plane to take off, I am disappointed in her behavior.” 

Heather is definitely expressing how she feels. Let us know- whose side are you on? Heather’s or Ramona’s?