Kristen Takeman- Ramona Needs Therapy



These past two episodes of the Real Housewives of New York City have taken place in the Berkshires. While on the trip, Ramona Singer and Kristen Taekman really got into it, with Ramona even throwing a wine glass (which she claims was plastic) at Kristen after Kristen splashed some water on her. Kristen has taken to her blog to comment on the situation. 

Kristen says, “Ramona kept saying it was not her intention to hit/cut me with a wine glass. . .I’m curious what exactly was your intention when you threw that glass at my face it was much more than a knee-jerk reaction? I would LOVE to know. Almost a year later, I am still wondering???”

She continued, “I certainly did not provoke her to hurt me — that was not MY intention. I was trying to be playful and have fun with “friends” in a lake, surrounded by water on a hot day and I splashed her, and she threw a glass at my face and cut me. BTW last time I checked water is not a sharp object! And did you notice Sonja and Carole also got wet and they didn’t even flinch or have any type of knee-jerk reaction.”

Kristen also said that “I want you all to know, including Ramona, that I am terribly sorry for what has happened in her past and in her childhood and any issues she has with her mom and dad. I also want you all to know that it is not OK to use that as an excuse for bad or violent behavior. . . She clearly needs therapy. She has got some major issues that need to be worked out.”

Interesting! We wonder what Ramona’s response to this will be!