Hunting Season is Going to be… LONGER!

News came today that the online series, Hunting Season, will have a longer season 2. How much longer?


In an email sent to those who supported the show on Kickstarter, this bit of news was shared by Jon Marcus:

I started working on longer episodes but I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure it was really happening. And I kept thinking, “I’m almost done, I’m almost done!” But half hour episodes are a whole different beast than the 10-min episodes we did in Season 1. So February turned into March… and then April… and then May has all been these very real conversations about how we’re going to do this. And the answer is: WE JUST ARE! LONGER EPISODES, more to love! We’ll shoot as many as we can. And just like that… your favorite show is now a half-hour long!

Excited? I am!