Ramona Singer Dating Someone Who Kissed Mario’s Mistress?



Real Housewife of New York City Ramona Singer’s marriage is continuing to be at the forefront of speculation. According to Radar Online, Ramona is dating a restauranteur while considering taking husband Mario back- but there’s a catch.
Apparently, the man she is dating- Peter Guimaraes- was involved with Mario’s mistress, Kyle “Kasey” Dexter and spotted kissing her 9 days ago! 

A source tells Radar, “Peter had actually met Kasey and began dating her before he met Ramona. This actually is quite fascinating, in a perverse sort of way, and it’s better than any soap opera.”

The source continued, “I don’t think either of them knows that Peter even knew the other one, let alone that he’s been seeing them both. Obviously he has a bit of the playboy—and the cad — in him.”

Interesting! What do you think? Truth or rumor? Let us know!