Recap & Thoughts on RHONY

Here’s my thoughts- basically my stream of conscious- on tonight’s Real Housewives of New York episode.


  • Every Friday, Ramona goes to the Hamptons… Or does she go to get her hair done?
  • Where’s Aviva?
  • A workout on USB drive? Why didn’t I think of that?!
  • I have a résumé! I know how to work a fog machine!
  • Anyone else feel that the emotional healing ceremony should have been led by Mama Elsa?


  • There she is! (Aviva, not Mama Elsa)
  • Mirrors on the ceiling = rejuvenated sex life!
  • George must be great in the sack because his engagement shows me that he’s no romantic
  • Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars looks great! And it stars Gretchen and Slade!
  • I never want my father to say the word vibrator to me. Ever.
  • “Men come and go, but Singer will be there.” Good to know.
  • This ceremony for Sonja’s dog seems so sweet. It pains me to watch.
  • I hope this isn’t inappropriate, but the ladies look lovely in their funeral chic.
  • Oh! The preview shows Ramona saying “Go F yourself!”. I’m intrigued.

I personally think that his season of RHONY is great- and it keeps getting better. Did you enjoy? What was your favorite part?