Are The RHONY Ladies Turning Against Each Other?



According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives of New York City are turning against each other due to their low ratings. A source tells Radar: “The ratings are low and fans just don’t seem to care about any of the fights. Not Aviva and Carole in ‘Bookgate’ or that ‘glass’ being thrown in Kristen’s face by Ramona. Nothing is working to keep people interested and the viewers are just turning out. It’s been boring. The ladies are blaming each other for the problems.  Everyone is mad at Aviva for being so boring, Ramona don’t have any of her juicy personal drama in the show, Sonja just gossips about the other ladies andLuAnn is tired of the story lines.”

The source continued, “Each woman is complaining that the others are making up their problems or pretend fighting but the problem is the viewers can see through the fake and they know that nothing exciting is happening. Carole and Heather have nothing nice to say either. They are all fed up with how bad the show is doing and they pretend like all the others are to blame. No one is taking any responsibility for the crappy season.”

We are truly enjoying this season! What do you think? Let us know!