Kandi’s Wedding Attracts HUGE Audience!

Kandi’s Wedding attracted more… way more… than any previous RHOA wedding spin-off, including Nene and Kim! What’s the difference?


Over two million people tuned into the premiere, which is about half a million more than I Dream of Nene and Don’t Be Tardy.

The show’s rating success could have something to do with the show’s title: The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding. You see, if your DVR was setti record RHOA, then it recorded this. No other Housewives spin-off has had the original show title as its hook.


I’m sure that the great ratings also are because the RHOA producers did such a great job of integrating the wedding drama into the last season that people wanted to see how it continued.

Did you like the show? If you watched (or didn’t)- why or why not?