Sonja Morgan- George Is Telling Tall Tales


After this week’s crazy RHONY, Sonja Morgan has taken to her blog to sound off on George and Ms. USA.

Sonja says, ”
Ménage a tois with Miss USA? George? I believe Miss USA when she says that she went home to her place. I’m sure that Aviva was just told this tall tale by George. I’m very intuitive. I do not believe Aviva planted the girl at the luncheon. However it could be a great springboard for Miss USA’s career. We need poised girls like that on RHONY! She held her own up against the Ramona-coaster just fine! She took the info not as an insult, but as advice — the way I sincerely think Ramona meant it. This girl is confident and that is what we need! Fun, dramatic, but centered people who know their truth.”

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