The Newest Real Housewives: Little Women: LA

We all know I love the Real Housewives of… anywhere! But what is my new summer reality show obsession? Little Women: LA on Lifetime!


The show follows six “little people” who live in Los Angeles. Sometimes the focus in the show is their height. For example, the first episode ended with an argument over the “M word”. That’s not the point of the show, though.

This show is funny! Last episode featured five of the six ladies going for a calendar shoot, only to have one of them become the star and focus of the calendar their photos were featured in.

This show is also dramatic! Looking for arguments over whether someone is actually sober? How about bragging about an engagement that hasn’t yet happened?! Who doesn’t love women who are jealous of each other? That’s all here!

The show also has heart. There are engagements, touching stories, and a strong message of equality and treating people well regardless of what they look like or their height.

If you’re looking for a show to entertain you this summer that is dramatic, funny, and also has heart, look no further than Lifetime on Tuesdays at 10pm for new episodes of Little Women: LA!