Heather Dubrow- I Did Not Talk About The Email In A Gossipy, Malicious Way


Last night, Real Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow had to defend herself against fellow wife Shannon Beador, who came to her house extremely upset that Heather had heard about (and discussed) an email Shannon’s husband had sent her about moving out of their home. Heather has taken to her blog to clarify the situation.

Heather writes, “The email… When Tamra and I were at Fig & Olive having lunch, she told me that things weren’t good between Shannon and David and told me that he had written her a bad email. When I left her I went to a dinner in the other room with a group of women. They asked me what happened at my lunch with Tamra. They were very happy to hear that we had made up because they knew how upset I had been about the breakdown of our friendship. They then asked if I had ever heard from Shannon after what happened at her holiday party weeks earlier. I said no, but apparently things weren’t good with her and David and he sent her some funky email and let’s give her a break. Basically, exactly what Tamra had said to me. Should I have said anything at all? Probably not. Was it said in a gossipy, malicious way? Definitely not. The conversation was no longer than a minute or two. Unfortunately, one of the ladies present texted under the table to her friend that this conversation happened. The person she texted is a lady friend of David Beador’s which is how the story got back so quickly.”

Heather continued, “Tamra has told me many personal things over the years. I am a very good secret keeper. Shannon has also told me some very sensitive, personal things since that time and I have NEVER repeated them, not even to Terry. I was told about the email on camera so I assumed it wasn’t a topic that was off limits.”

There you have it. Whose side are you on- Heather’s or Shannon’s? Let us know!