Terry Dubrow- Getting Along Is Boring For The Housewives



Real House-husband of Orange County Terry Dubrow has spoken exclusively to Radar Online after people have criticized his marriage to Heather. 

Terry tells Radar, “If we spend 20 hours being happy and two minutes bickering, if the bickering is funny or interesting, that’s going in! Getting along is boring for Housewives.”

Terry talked about why Heather and him sometimes clash, detailing that Heather is more serious and he is more silly, saying, “I have a serious job, but I’m a silly guy. I had kids when I was a little bit older, so I’m half-way between a dad and grandpa. Grandparents are silly and easy-going. I try not to have the first thing out of my mouth be a joke when Heather is talking about certain subjects!”

Interesting! From what we know about behind the scenes reality TV stuff, we can definitely say footage gets edited/things are chosen based on the more dramatic moments, so Terry definitely is telling the truth. What do you think? Let us know!