Kristen- I Feel HORRIBLE I Did Not Defend Heather’s Husband, Jonathan



On last night’s Real Housewives of New York City, we saw housewife Kristen Taekman lose it on fellow cast member Heather Thomson. Kristen claimed Heather likes to be in charge, even in her marriage. When Heather got defensive, Kristen ended up retreating to her room, where housewife Ramona Singer came to check on her. While there, Ramona made some comments about Heather’s husband, Jonathan Schindler. Kristen has taken to her blog to recount the situation. 

Kristen says, “One minute Ramona is a total biatch and the next my only ally. I could not believe that she came to check on me! At that point I was happy who ever it was. Ugh NOT OK what she said about Jonathan.. I feel horrible that I didn’t defend him. I was so mad at the time that I wasn’t thinking straight. That was not nice at all because Jonathan is such a great guy on all fronts.”

She continued, “Fighting or arguing with someone just sucks and when it is a friend it just makes it worse. I am happy that Heather and I were able to make up. I know now that I was projecting and that I really took all my frustration out on Heather. I felt so bad watching the episode because I was so mean to Heather. I am just so fortunate to have her as a friend and how supportive she was. Also sorry for not defending Jonathan.”

We love when housewives take accountability and own up to things, so kudos to Kristen for owning it. What do you think? Let us know!