Sonja Morgan- I Will Not Waste My Valuable Energy Helping Kristen



This season on Real Housewives of New York City, housewife Kristen Takeman’s husband, Josh, sat down with Sonja Moragn to give her some business advice. After Sonja left, we saw Kristen and Josh calling her delusional. Sonja has taken to her blog this week to address this comment. 

Sonja writes, “

Kristen has been outwardly judgmental and critical of everyone. For a new friend, I find it strange, but I see so many come and go. It’s really not my concern. I thought she was fine as a social friend. It’s when she called me delusional with her husband while not knowing my businesses nor my business plan that I decided I better not waste my valuable energy helping her. That’s not the kind of friends that I have built my life with. I do NOT think what I have built is delusional. It’s VERY REAL and I spend LONG, real days managing my businesses that I have worked on building since 14 years old. I have created tens of millions of dollars. I do not ask my girlfriends what they do to manage their finances and businesses. I support their dreams. I listen. I have built what I have from love and light, not from fear. I will continue to build while others try to poo poo my vision. There will always be those who are naysayers. But I have achieved much through visualization and will continue to dream and manifest.”

Interesting! What do you think? Do you agree with Kristen/Josh or Sonja? Let us know!