Reasons Danielle Staub Should NOT Be Allowed To Return To The Real Housewives

If you’ve read our blog over the past year, you know we keep things pretty neutral and rarely take a side; however, with Danielle Staub tweeting up a storm asking fans to tell Andy Cohen to bring her back, and with him even confirming to me in a tweet that he HAS asked her back each year, we decided it was time to make our voice heard. Having been one of numerous groups of people that has fallen victim to Danielle’s vindictive, nasty ways (and yes, we have the information to prove it, but that’s not the point of this post nor would we leak that type of information), we decided to compile a list of reasons Danielle should NOT be allowed to return to the Real Housewives franchise.

Here are reasons Bravo should not bring her back, in no particular order:

1. Danielle has continually harassed Teresa Giudice about her bankruptcy and fraud charges via social media. Interestingly enough, Danielle herself declared bankruptcy, so it seems like someone who lives in a glass house IS indeed throwing a stone. Don’t believe us? Check it out here.

2. Danielle tried to ruin the reputation of her boyfriend in season 1, Steve Zalewski, claiming he illegally had a sex tape of her. He ended up suing her for defamation of character and slander, and being awarded $100,000. Of course, when she filed for bankruptcy, she ended up avoiding paying him. You can read about that here.

3. While we’re on the sex tape topic, Danielle was so “upset” by her ex having an alleged sex tape of her, but ended up having a sex tape released a few months later. Don’t believe us? Check this out here and here.

4. Danielle tauts herself as a great mother, yet ended up returning to stripping after her stint on the Real Housewives ended. While this may have been short lived, it still happened, and it seems a bit lower class than what we would expect of someone on the housewives shows. Check that information out here.

5. Danielle attempted to gain public sympathy in her memoir “The Naked Truth,” claiming her ex-husband Kevin Maher “raping her on a bed of broken glass, inserting his handgun inside of her and playing Russian Roulette, and hanging her dog.” He ended up suing her for these allegations. Read about that here. They ended up reaching a settlement, which you can read about here. Generally, if something is true you wouldn’t settle, so it seems she was yet again telling some potential lies or twisting the truth.

6. Danielle has a past of being a prostitute and being involved in drug dealing. While someone can change from the past and reinvent their life, things such as going back to stripping and sleeping with men in front of someone else’s children (something Teresa had insinuated she had done in season 1) don’t exactly add up to show a renewed person. You can read about her drug dealing and prostituting past here.

7. Danielle has sent fans messages through Twitter (direct messages) asking them to harass her former co-stars. Want proof? See it here and here.

8. Danielle alluded to the fact that she was a lesbian for a bit of time with singer Lori Michaels, and even released a single with her called “Real Close.” While people were dubious at the time, a friend of the “couple” ended up speaking to Radar, alluding to the fact that it was a publicity stunt. Read about that here.

9. In season 2, when Danielle had her showdown meeting with Caroline, she claimed to have the building surrounded with guns. Does this not scream liability to Bravo? I mean, honestly, who would do that? What did she think Caroline would possibly do to her to warrant THAT level of protection? This is not okay and put other cast members in potential dangerous situations.

10. Danielle allegedly tried to have Dina Manzo’s daughter taken away from her and spoke to Dina’s ex and their family. Who would do that just to get back at a cast member on a reality TV show they didn’t like? Danielle would. Read about that here and here.

11. Danielle tried claiming Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashlee, was kicked out of the school she was in. This was proven to be another lie. You can read about that little nugget on our website, here.

12. The majority of people do not care enough about her to see her on television again. There is an account trying to drum up support to bring her back on twitter, but it only has 600 followers. 600 people out of all the people who watch Bravo? That’s not very many.

13. Danielle claims she lives in “love and light” and had claimed to be moving on from the drama years ago, yet frequently bashes people from her former cast on social media. Some of the things she says are downright cruel, and she even will have the audacity to use the hashtag “LoveAndLightDS.” If this is her version of love and light, we’re not sure we want to see her #HateAndWrath.

14. If you question her on ANYTHING, she immediately takes an issue with you. Don’t believe us? Ask the multitudes of people she had falling outs with, on the show and otherwise. Or you could just ask us how she blocked us for running the story about Ashlee we mentioned above and sent us DM’s about how “I will NOT stand for negativity” and has called us many a name including “sludge” as of late.

15. She has acted creepily many a time. Think back to season 2, where she did a drive by at Caroline’s house because she was having a party she wasn’t invited to. If that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is. Even her own daughters had to tell her to move on and drive away.

While this list could go on forever, these are 15 solid reasons why Danielle Staub should NOT be allowed to return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. We believe her to be a liability and risk to the franchise and to cast members she would be working with. We hope Bravo thinks about this before just putting her back into the mix for entertainment purposes. We guess we’ll have to just “watch what happens.”