Amber Marchese- I Do Not Believe Melissa Gorga Is A Gold Digger


Last night, we met Amber Marchese on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. There was some drama between her and Melissa Gorga, and Amber has taken to her blog to clarify some things. 

Amber writes, “Melissa Gorga was part of this old crowd, but we lost touch ten years ago. I was hoping to rekindle the friendship and pick up where we left off, just good friends who enjoy one another’s company. The comment that I made about Melissa “going about success a different way than me by marrying wealth” was not a fair statement, and I want to apologize to Melissa. That comment sounds like I was referring to her a “gold digger.” I do not believe that in any way. Melissa is a college graduate and has always been a hard worker. She always had her head on straight and worked hard for goals. I think this is one of the reasons we got along so well, we had a mutual respect for one another. What I failed to articulate with that comment is that she dreamed of getting married and having a family early on in her life. She aspired early on to be an amazing wife and mother that she truly is today. I am proud of her.”

We’re glad Amber clarified and are excited to see her on this season!