Melissa Gorga- I Questioned How Genuine Amber’s Intentions Were


Last night, the premiere of the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey had no shortage of drama, especially when new wife Amber Marchese claimed Melissa Gorga (whom she used to be friends with years ago) never contacted her when she claimed she had cancer. Melissa took to her blog to address this. 

Melissa writes, “I have to say I was a little taken back at her party when she was coming at me for not acknowledging she had cancer, because I had no idea. I was even more taken aback that she thought I should have known! How would I have known? She never reached out to tell me. We had no mutual friends that told me. I had no way of knowing and I’m not psychic. And the Facebook message confused me that much more. She said I left her some kind of Facebook message sending my condolences, but when I asked her to show me the message, it miraculously disappeared. So by the end of her party I was trying to figure out why she really wanted to come back into my life. I definitely was questioning how genuine her intentions were.”

She continued, “However, one thing I do know is that I felt horrible that she went through having cancer and wish I could’ve been there for her during that very difficult time. I’ve dealt with close family members losing their battle to cancer this year, and it is such a vicious disease. Either way Amber is a survivor. I’m so happy for her and thank God she’s cancer free! I am hoping we can get back to some of those fun times.”

Interesting! Who do you believe? Let us know!