Were Only “2 Things” True In The Book About Danielle?


Since last week’s article on Reasons Danielle Staub Should NOT Be Allowed To Return To The Real Housewives ran on our site, people have been coming out from everywhere with information and stories. One of the more interesting ones was pertaining to Danielle’s comment that “Two things were true int hat book- name change and arrested. Pay attention, please” as someone came forward to us with the court documents from Danielle’s case. While we acknowledge this was 30 years ago- and someone CAN change who they were- people obviously are still interested in talking about this, especially bearing in mind that 5 years ago Danielle claimed only two things in the book  she’s mentioned in, “Cop Without A Badge” by Charless Kipps, were true. Were only two things true? You take a look at the following and let us know what you think. 

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