Nicole Napolitano- I Love My Twitter Fans, But Calm Down!



Real Housewife of New Jersey Nicole Napolitano was given a shoe-shaped bottle opener as a Christmas gift by boyfriend Bobby Ciasulli on last night’s episode. Fans immediately took a huge issue with this (which we spoke exclusively with Bobby about today here) but Nicole has taken to her blog to tell her fans to calm down! 

Nicole writes, “I love all my new Twitter friends who have my back. Wow, it felt great how protective you are of me already, but you can all relax, because the shoe wasn’t the only gift! Yes Mama Santa might have gotten a little nervous with the wine holder. However, Bobby did also give me a beautiful necklace that I love and wear often. I love to laugh, and this episode achieved that. I am sure because of this episode the family will tease Bobby and make sure the shoe will be on the table every time Bobby has dinner with us.”

There you go- right from Nicole’s mouth, so no more need to give Bobby a hard time!