Are All The RHONY Getting The Boot Besides Sonja?


The sixth season of the Real Housewives of New York City just had it’s finale, and Radar Online is reporting all of the women may be at risk for getting fired- besides Sonja Morgan. They’re also reporting she may be helping to find new cast members. Read on for more info and our analysis of the story.

The source claims, “Sonja is a favorite of the network right now so executives have been talking about developing a new cast around her. And she’s actively looking and bringing friends in right now.”

The source also discussed Ramona, claiming, “Ramona is the one most likely on chopping block. There’s not much more they can do to her. Her storyline is creating a show that reminds the fans of what it is not.”

The source continued speaking, saying, “The New York Housewives franchise has lost its feel. They wanted to keep some nostalgia to the show, which is why they kept Sonja and Ramona. But even with the new cast it’s not fresh and it’s a problem. It’s not working.”

Additionally, the source discussed leg thrower Aviva Drescher, claiming, “The network is not happy with Aviva. She is a super diva! She makes all kinds of demands and doesn’t do all things they require her to do. She thinks she’s Jennifer Lopez.”

Finally, the source wrapped up with saying, “They are 100 percent revamping it because it’s not performing and the new characters aren’t translating. So they’re looking at everyone and all options.”

We’re not sure we believe this, as revamping a large portion of the cast has not fared well for Bravo in the past. Also, since drama centered around more than just Sonja this season, this doesn’t make sense. What do you think? Let us know!