Aviva Drescher- It’s Been A Tough Season For Me



Real Housewife of New York City Aviva Drescher shocked everyone by throwing off her prosthetic leg on this past week’s finale. She has taken to her blog to discuss the season in general. 

Aviva writes, “It’s been a tough Season for me — I’ve taken a lot of sh– from the Housewives on the air, in social media, and in social situations. My character has been impugned. I’m not complaining. It seems to be part of the Real Housewives culture, and even when it’s been a headache, I’m still grateful to be a part of it. I’ve taken a lot of sh– from viewers, too. Again, that’s OK — it comes with the territory. I expect there will be a lot more after this episode. Carole calling me “weird,” or worse Heather calling me “crazy,” or worse Kristen doing that mock horror gaping mouth thing, and many of you supporting your favorites by damning me.”

She continued, “It’s the end of the Season — the gloves are off (legs too) and it’s all on the table (pun intended). So watch the episode. If you can stand it (pun not intended), watch it again. I’ve nothing more to say.”

Interesting. Do you think Aviva’s had a hard season? Let us know!