Is Bravo Editing RHONJ Footage To Make Jim Marchese Look Bad?



Real House-husband of New Jersey Jim Marchese (married to new wife Amber) was seen in a preview of the season claiming he had some involvement in being against Teresa Giudice in her current legal issues. Radar Online is reporting that Bravo is editing the footage to make it look that way. 

A source tells Radar Online about that night, claiming, “Amber and Jim arrived at the party, which was to benefit first responders. Everyone was drunk and loud.Jim just wanted to leave, and on his way out, Joe (Gorga), told him to stay and party. Feeling uncomfortable because Jim is actually assisting theDepartment of Justice in a separate criminal investigation in which his company is an alleged victim. Jim tried to tell Joe that staying could place Teresa and and husband, Joe, in a precarious situation because at that time, their case was still pending.”

The source for Radar elaborated more, claiming, “It could have been a very bad for Jim and the Giudices to put himself in that position because he didn’t want to be drawn into the ongoing legal issues facing Joe and Teresa. He tried to explain that to Joe Gorga, but he just didn’t understand it, so Jim used the term Attorney General to try and get it thru his head.”

Another source backed this as well, claiming, “Any fool can understand the gravity of the situation and that Jim was trying to avoid a potential harm for all. He has the utmost respect for Teresa and Joe, and wants them to be treated fairly in court.”

Interesting.Tell us- do you believe Jim is being edited to look bad? Let us know!