Ramona Singer- Aviva Took The Crazy Off Her Leg and Put It On The Table



Ramona Singer was obviously horrified on this past week’s Real Housewives of New York City when Aviva Drescher threw her prosthetic leg on the table. She has taken to her blog to explain her thoughts on the incident. 

Ramona writes, “

When we all sat down together, I thought we could reach some resolution. Nothing was further from the truth. The conversation was so out of control. Why Aviva felt compelled to convince everyone about her illness with X-rays, doctor notes, and records is beyond me. When she threw her leg on the table, with such force and noise, it scared all of us. It was as if Aviva took the crazy off her leg and put the crazy on the table for all to see.”

Interesting! Tell us- do you agree or do you think Aviva was in the right?