Reasons Countess LuAnn Deserves A Spot Back As A Full Time Housewife


After watching this season of Real Housewives of New York City, it’s hard to not feel annoyed for Countess LuAnn de Lesseps that she only got a “friend” of the housewives status. We truly believe Bravo should bring her back next season as full time- and here’s why…

1- She had equal airtime to all of the ladies and, in fact, had more airtime than full time cast member Aviva Drescher.

2- LuAnn was highly involved in a lot of the drama, especially towards the end of the season.

3- LuAnn was more than ever not afraid to speak her mind this season- and we loved it!

4- She sings and has a good time, both contributing evidence that she doesn’t always take herself too seriously. This is important for a housewife.

5- She’s been with the show since day one. While it’s always nice to have some new blood rotating in and out, fans enjoy having consistent presences on the shows. LuAnn is definitely a solid, consistent presence.

6- It’s always refreshing to hear her advice on situations. She’s not one to give advice without thinking it through and trying to be reasonable.

7- The Ramona/LuAnn relationship always presents an interesting dynamic, and we would miss it if she wasn’t on the show.

8- She shows up to all the trips. Not all of the ladies can say that *cough cough*.

9- She was honest about her personal life and put it on camera. She admitted Jacques and her weren’t working and allowed her discussing that to be filmed. In an era where reality tv’s authenticity is sometimes questioned, she keeps it authentic.

10- Finally, and most importantly, she’s the Countess. Money didn’t buy her class and she lives a life of elegance and flair. Who doesn’t need her on their television in a full time role?

Honestly, we will be disappointed if Bravo doesn’t bring Countess LuAnn back in a full time housewife role next season. Tell us- will you?