Melissa Gorga- Amber Wanted To Play With The Big Girls


On lasts night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey we saw Amber Marchese tell Melissa Gorga that she heard a rumor Nicole Napolitano broke up a family. Melissa repeated it to Nicole to give her the chance to know what people were saying and allow her to defend herself. Melissa has taken to
her blog to discuss the situation.

Melissa writes, “After Amber introduced me to her good friends, the twins, and then immediately seemed to have a lot of negative things to say about them, I started to realize that maybe Amber has changed. She told me on the way to my sister-in-law’s party that Nicole had broken a family, and it was weighing on my mind. A “home wrecker” is not a cool label to have hanging over you, especially if it’s not true. I’ve been in this situation where people have labeled me with words that were untrue, so I didn’t want to be part of doing it to someone else.”

Melissa continued, “‎I also wanted Nicole to be able to say whether or not Amber’s rumor was true in front of everyone. I really like the twins and think they are good people. It just didn’t feel right to have it out there and have people gossip about it. And yes, Amber is my friend, so if she had truly said it to me in confidence, I wouldn’t have stressed so much about wanting Nicole to be able to defend herself. I would have listened to Amber’s gossip and just not spread it around. Obviously she wanted all of us (and all of you) to know, so there is a big difference. With that said, Amber wanted to play with the “big girls” and knew exactly what she was getting herself into. I have no doubt that she is also ready to come back and defend herself.”

Interesting. Tell us- do you agree with Melissa repeating? Let us know.