Who Likes Attention and Who Is The Same On Camera As Off In Jersey? The Twins Speak!



Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano from Real Housewives of New Jersey appeared on Watch What Happens Live tonight and had some interesting things to say! 

When asked about the Amber Marchese situation in tonight’s episode where she claimed Nicole broke up a marriage, Nicole said “Amber likes attention- and If she’s got to make up stories to get it, so be it.” 

Later, on the after show, a caller phoned in to ask the girls who is the most authentic both on and off-camera. While the girls initially joked them, Andy said pick one that’s not you. Teresa said Melissa, while Nicole added “Melissa and Dina.” When Teresa told Nicole Andy just said “pick one” she responded “Well, i said Melissa and Dina.” 

While it’s not surprising the girls didn’t pick Amber due to their drama with her, it was interesting to see them not pick Teresa Giudice. 

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