Dina Manzo Questions Her Castmates’s Intentions


After last nights crazy episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, housewife Dina Manzo has taken to her blog to express her thoughts on the evening. Rather than giving a direct opinion, Dina has a lot of questions for her co-stars.

Dina writes, “Now for the other situations going on here…this is when things get a little sticky. Let’s go back before the hair pulling and drink throwing. What was Melissa’s intention for telling the twins what Amber had said to her? What was Amber’s intention for telling Melissa what she did about Nicole in the first place?”

She continues, “Was Amber casually confiding in a friend of 10 plus years or was there more behind it? Was Melissa just reacting to a moment of frustration with Amber? Was she looking out for Nicole? That’s for them to explain, which I am sure they will on air, in their blogs, and I’m SURE at the reunion. (Rhinestone encrusted seat belts will surely be installed on our reunion couch.) I’m sure you will get an extra explanation too after they read this blog!”

Dina wrapped up her thoughts on this with, “What about the men? What was Bobby’s intention in telling a group of men he just met what his friend of 10 years told him? What was Jim’s intention by telling him this for all of you to see? What was my assistant Luke’s intention wearing that “Future Mr. Harry Styles” shirt for all of you to see? Well that one’s obvious, Harry, if you’re reading this, please call me.”

While we appreciate the joke at the end, we do wonder if the other wives will address these questions, as Dina raises some valid points. What do you think? Let us know!