Alex McCord- Lizzie Was An Angry Drunk Looking For Someone To Blame



We adore Alex McCord’s “The Real Deal” videos on the stir. They generally give an unbiased and uninhibited take on all things housewives. Alex’s video for today recounted last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County. 

Alex discussed why she thinks Lizzie was so angered by the birthday party, saying, “I think Lizzie had a producer in her ear saying, ‘you need to be offended by this dress teasing. She was making fun of you. She was saying you had no pants on… You have to go after her for that one.'”

Alex also commented on Lizzie’s birthday party, where Lizzie was upset with many people including her husband, claiming, “Lizzie was an angry drunk looking for someone to blame.”

Tell us- do you agree with Alex or do you think Lizzie was right? Let us know!