Kristen Takeman- I Still Don’t Know The Real Aviva



Real Housewife of New York City Kristen Takeman recently talked to Ok Magazine about what it was like being on housewives. She dished on many topics, including fellow cast mate Aviva Drescher. 

Of Aviva Kristen said, “I still don’t know the real Aviva. She didn’t come to Montana with us, so I haven’t seen her in the morning when she wakes up. I haven’t seen her in her pajamas. I don’t know if she uses a retainer—I do! It’s a real bummer. The best thing I’ve gotten out of this show is new friends. At some point in adulthood, after school and husbands and new jobs, sometimes you stop making new friends. I never went to college, so this show has been my sorority. I really grew to love these women! It’s also nice to have pals who aren’t new moms. They’re always up for a party or an event, and they convince me to come out of my mommy shell a little bit. Yes, you can stay up until 11:30! Yes, one glass of wine won’t kill you.”

This was a really nice comment on Kristen’s behalf, as she legitimately sounds sincerely upset she didn’t get to really know Aviva. What do you think about what she said? Let us know!