Melissa Gorga- The Marcheses Contradict Themselves

MELISSA GORGA at Grown Ups 2 Premiere


Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga seemed to find herself in the middle of the drama on this past week’s episode, as she had repeated a comment housewife Amber Marchese made about fellow wife Nicole Napolitano to Nicole, which resulted in a big fight. Melissa is speaking out in her blog about the incident. 

Melissa writes, ” I totally accept the part I played in all of the craziness, but as I have said, I really felt like Amber put me in a bad position by telling me the rumor “she heard through the grapevine” about Nicole in the first place. It only felt right to give Nicole the opportunity to clear up if what Amber “heard” was true or not. I had really hoped that we could have all talked about what happened, cleared the air, moved on, and enjoyed the party. Obviously that didn’t happen, and now the men got dragged in.”

Melissa also addressed Amber’s husband, Jim Marchese, not wanting to hang around Joe Giudice due to Teresa and Joe’s ongoing legal problems. On this, Melissa says, “As you saw in the episode, the Marcheses continue to contradict themselves. They seem to REALLY want to be liked by the Giudices and at the same time find ways to let us all know that they are too good for them. I’m confused, which is it? I also think Jim talks a big game and wants to portray a certain type of image that I would hope isn’t who he truly is, because no one can be that judgmental.”

She wrapped up talking about the fight at the party and how it carried upstairs to involve the men, claiming, “What I do know it that it’s not cool for a grown man to walk up to another man and call him a dumb ass in his ear in a very nasty way. Joe was sitting down and not in Jim’s face at all. Jim went too far. Joe just was defending his family, and for Jim to get in his face like that? I mean come on! He’s asking for a reaction, begging for it. So tune in next week and see how it all turns out.”

We definitely will be tuning in. Will you? Let us know!