Ramona Singer- Two People Can’t Carry The Show



Real Housewife of New York City Ramona Singer recently spoke to NY Daily News about what she thinks the issues with the show are and why its ratings are not on par with the fourth season. 

Ramona said, ““It’s the chemistry of the people. I believe the chemistry hasn’t been quite right. I believe Sonja and I were not afraid to step out and be ourselves. And some people are just too cautious. I think some of the new women — they’re nice and they’re wonderful, and they’re smart and they’re great — but they’re not big enough personalities. And that’s what makes it not so interesting. Before it was me, Sonja, Bethenny, Jill — four huge personalities. Yet this season, there’s seven women but there’s only two big personalities — Sonja and I. We need two more big personalities. Two people can’t carry the show.”

Interesting! Tell us- do you agree with Ramona?