RHOC- A Fan’s Opinion



I thought it may be interesting to get a FAN’S opinion on the Real Housewives of Orange County and the current drama, especially bearing in mind the intense opinions the show has been drawing in. We opened this up to Drew, on twitter @Drew1214. Here are his opinions. 

Drew writes, “The first thing that people need to realize is that this is a TV show, which means a TON of things happen that we do not get to see and then there is the editing. Whether you love or hate Tamra, she is one of the many reasons why people tune in every week. Does she stick her foot in her mouth sometimes? Yes. Does she stir the pot and cause drama? Yes. But ask yourself this- would you watch if she didn’t add that drama? The show would be boring as hell without her. She is always the first person to acknowledge her faults and apologize for the things she has said and done. Where is the backlash for the horrible things Vicki has said and done in the past? Yes, this year she is “the voice of reason” but have you watched the previous 8 seasons?”

Drew continued, “This whole situtation with Lizzie is just purely made up. By now we all have seen the texts. Lizzie KNEW way before her party that Tamra was not going to be able to come and she knew that production had Tamra wait to call her. Why, you ask? DRAMA. I believe Lizzie thought this would be her time to stir the pot and create drama because, let’s face it, she hasn’t really shown us anything interesting. What she failed to realize is that Tamra would actually keep the texts and call her out. When that happened, did you notice Lizzie studdering and trying to backpedal? Am I the only one who caught that? So, once Vicki, Tamra and Heather left, Lizzie had to find something else to stir up, so why not take Shannon and shake that drama up. Also, to try and say that Tamra caused you to be a bitch to your husband and friend…really? Your marriage issues have NOTHING to do with Tamra. Stop it, Lizzie.”
Drew wrapped up with, “I like Shannon, I really do; HOWEVER, if there are problems in your marriage and you would rather everyone not know that part of your life, do not come on a reality show. If Shannon wanted everything to be a secret, she would not have discussed ANY issues on camera. She has openly discussed their issues and we have all seen the way she and David speak to each other. So when she told Tamra about the email, ON CAMERA, what did she think was going to happen? Of Course the cast is going to talk about it. Of course everyone on blogs, twitter, Facebook etc. are going to talk about it. I do not like that she instantly was just shocked that people were discussing her marriage. If she wanted the conversation between her and Tamra to be private, maybe it should have been done off camera.”
What do you think? Do you agree with Drew? Let us know!