Heather Thomson- Aviva Wouldn’t Last A Day In The Ghetto


Real Housewife of New York City Heather Thomson is less than thrilled with the “ghetto” comments Aviva has been making about her and has taken to her blog to express her feelings.

Heather writes, “Now onto foul ignorance… Ghetto? Gangster? Really? Are you referring to race or a socio-economic situation? Nice, Aviva, you ignorant cow. I think it is actually easy for this sedated narcissist to label me ghetto because I stood up for my friend. Sadly, she wouldn’t know what that feels like. I would NEVER get physical with anyone no matter how pushed I am (remember her minion she tried to sic on me?), but I WILL use the strongest language when defending what I believe is right. My upbringing was barely middle class, and I make no apologies for that. My mother raised my sister and me with very little help, and I am very proud of my upbringing and my mother, especially as I reflect back on what she gave us as I raise two children of my own.”

Heather continued, “From both my parents and grandparents, I was taught strong values and ethics and I was given the tools to build a moral code that money can’t buy or sell. I was taught the value of hard work and the importance of good manners, but most importantly, I was taught to stand up for my beliefs and the value of honesty. I believe my success in business now is attributable to the lessons my mother taught me growing up. Aviva needs a mirror and she needs to open her eyes and look into it. Start there, girl. It’s never too late! I am a woman and I am allowed in 2014 to be as strong as anyone without being labeled. And what’s more, you wouldn’t last a day in the ghetto, Drescher. Just a few words out of your snobby mouth and they’d likely take off that fancy leg of yours and beat your sorry, elitist, ignorant ass with it. Holla!”

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