Kristen Taekman- It Looked Like Ramona Had A Ton To Hide


Last night on Real Housewives of New York City, Andy Cohen tried to get Ramona Singer to discuss her marital problems and the cheating stories about Mario that were in the press. Ramona wouldn’t discuss it, claiming she wanted it “shut down.” Fellow cast mate Kristen Taekman has taken to her blog to discuss how she felt about this.

Kristen writes, “Ramona: I literally bit my tongue during this scene! I didn’t feel it was my place as the “rookie” to comment on Ramona’s relationship, but Lu knows her much better and they have a history, so she felt it was her place. I was happy to hear Lu speak up, because someone had to.
Ramona not saying a word about what went on behind the scenes in her marriage last summer was just plain old silly. Say something, anything! “We went through a rough patch, but we have worked through it.” Something! It was in the papers, we all heard about it, so set the record straight. By not saying a thing, in my opinion, it looked and felt like she had a ton to hide.”

Tell us- do you agree with Kristen or think Ramona did the right thing?