My Opinion On Last Night’s RHOC



After watching last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, I truly was disgusted. Here’s why…

Tamra was AMBUSHED. Of course she is not the first housewife to be ambushed, but the reasons she was ambushed were pure and utter BS. Why?

1. Vicki claims she’s upset with Tamra (again) because Lizzie and Danielle reveal Tamra’s said things about Brooks that aren’t nice. The flashback shows she said she doesn’t trust him. This doesn’t mean Tamra deserved to be ambushed. Lest we forget, last season, it was divulged that Brooks was on audio tape saying to Vicki’s daughter’s husband that he should beat her. He also discussed beating Vicki’s “ass” and called Vicki a whore. Don’t believe us? Check it out here. There’s tons more links where that came from. Thinking through this, wouldn’t this make Tamra a GOOD friend by being protective of her friend Vicki, not the other way around? Also, if Brooks said these things about Briana (Vicki’s daughter), don’t you think Briana may have her own reasons to dislike Brooks that have nothing to do with Tamra? Hmm… Seems like a BS reason for Vicki to be upset with Tamra. As I tweeted last night, a true friend doesn’t always agree with everything you do, but rather will be honest with you.

2. Lizzie claims to be upset with Tamra because she didn’t come to her birthday party and Danielle seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Are these really their reasons for going after Tamra? Hmm… let’s think… Lizzie and Danielle seem to be seeking attention for a storyline. They both are not that interesting and likely realized they were not going to return, so they had to do something to spruce up the drama. I guarantee Danielle’s not returning- she’s been featured in what, thirty minutes of the entire season MAYBE?- and if Lizzie comes back it will ONLY be due to her going after Tamra and stirring the pot. Lizzie has no hard feelings towards Vicki who called her dumb and treated her like total CRAP (which Tamra did NOT agree with), and Lizzie doesn’t seem to hold the fact that NO ONE else (besides Vicki and Danielle) showed up to her birthday party against them… so why hold it against Tamra? Maybe she realizes Tamra is the biggest part of the show, so by going after her, she may secure her spot to be brought back.

3. Shannon is mad at Tamra for “causing her marital problems.” Is this woman serious? Shannon DIVULGED SOMETHING ON CAMERA and then throws it around to blame Tamra for repeating it. Whether or not Tamra repeated it, does she not realize ALL OF THE WOMEN and ALL OF AMERICA would have found this out when Bravo aired the season? Not only did she reveal the email David sent her, but Shannon nagged the hell out of her husband and ADMITTED IT on camera, which she ADMITS caused a bulk of her marital problems. Is it really Tamra’s fault then? No.

4. Lastly, I do not for one second believe that Tamra said the things about Heather that Shannon tried to say- i.e. that Heather was not a true friend, that Heather being a part of her wedding meant nothing to her, and that Heather is anorexic. We are talking about Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, a show with TONS of hours of taped footage that gets edited to make the dramatic show we end up seeing to keep viewers hooked and interested. Do we not think for one second that if Tamra DID say those things Bravo wouldn’t have aired it or they wouldn’t have been discussed? Also, while on the Heather train, Heather SIDES with Tamra at the table, admitting Lizzie is (yet again) not telling the truth. Heather has never been shown to lie, so why would she start now over something like this?

Tamra took to her blog this week to admit her part in sometimes saying things that are not always the nicest; however, this ambush of her was OVER THE TOP, unnecessary, and most importantly unfounded. It really made for a gross episode. While I’m sure I’ll take a beating on social media for this, I had to voice my opinion.