Aviva Drescher- I Can’t Find Good In Carole


After the last part of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion ran on Tuesday, housewife Aviva Drescher has taken to her blog to discuss her feelings on all the wives.

Aviva writes, “I am so honored to have worked with a group of women who have courage, strength, and tenacity. The Real Housewives of New York City are an amazing group of dynamic women who really can overcome anything once they have gotten through a season! I loved Ramona’s wisdom and experience, Sonja’s wit and humor, LuAnn’s groundedness, Heather’s strength, and Kristen’s beauty (I could look at Kristen for hours…). Carole and I have had our differences this year, it’s true, but I’m an optimist — I try to find the good in everyone. With Carole, I’m afraid I’ve failed; I just can’t find anything good there. Truly, there is no “there” there. But contrary to the old saying, one bad apple can’t spoil the whole barrel. And I had a ball in that barrel. As life returns to normal, I’ll miss it.”

Wow. It seemed nice for a moment and then derailed. Tell us- what do you think? Are you on Aviva’s side or Carole’s?