Amber Marchese- I Wondered If The Joke Was On Me



After the explosiveness of the rumor Victoria Gotti started on last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, housewife Amber Marchese has taken to her blog to express her thoughts on the situation. 

Amber writes, “You can see my absolute shock when I was told this. I remember feeling a range of feelings: Was this joke on me? Was this a test to see what I would do with the information? Was this Rino just spouting out stupidity? Was this a joke on Victoria? I have to say, Victoria did seem sincere, so at first I thought that this was your typical “your mama’s so fat” joke from Rino, however, there was never an “I’m just kidding” follow up. Either way, I am wearing my hair in a bun for the rest of the season just in case now that I know the consequences of the deplorable offense of hearing a rumor. Jim purchased state of the art ear plugs and Kevlar plated hair nets for Valentine’s Day. What I do with this rumor well…stay tuned!”

This definitely is shaping up to be an interesting season. What do you think? Let us know!