We MUST Support Jersey Belle

Jersey Belle - Season 1


While we love our housewives, we are always on the hunt for new and entertaining reality television. The newest obsession of ours has been publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan’s show “Jersey Belle.” The show, if you haven’t watched, has the premise of a girl from Jersey living in a suburban Alabama community. Why should you be watching? There are TONS of reasons, but some of our top reasons include:

– Jaime has a BIG mouth that shoots out entertaining things all the time. Watching her big mouth shock these Southern women is hysterical. 

– Jaime has endearing friends who actually seem down to earth and real, something we rarely see on reality television. The realist is her friend Luci, who recently got a divorce and is shunned by the community. You literally want to jump through the television, give this woman a hug, and tell her everything is going to be okay. 

– Jaime has a VERY hunky Southern husband (sorry, but we’ve got to throw “Mikey” a bone!). 

– The show deals with REAL issues. There’s single parenting, falling in and out of love, wanting more children, not being able to have children, and more. 

– There isn’t screaming, yelling, and cat fighting. This is truly refreshing for a Bravo show. 

While these are just a few of the reasons to watch “Jersey Belle”- and there are a TON more- we urge you to tune in. Ratings were on an upswing for the show for the first three weeks, but this week it took a slight dip. This truly is disheartening to us, as “Jersey Belle” is REAL reality TV. Do yourself a favor and tune in. This is a show we don’t want to see go away!