When Ramona Called Cops On August 13th, It WAS Kasey Dexter At Restaurant



As we had heard before, Real Housewife of New York City Ramona Singer called the police on August 13th claiming soon to be ex-husband Mario’s mistress, Kasey Dexter, was stalking her. Reports we read that day claimed it ended up not being Dexter; however, a new report in this week’s In Touch Weekly claims otherwise. 

While the article mentions that police determined there was no crime, there is an insider on record saying “Kasey was having lunch with a friend for her birthday and the police just walked up and said they were looking for a stalker.” 

Maybe it’s because we adore Ramona, but if you cheated with her husband, couldn’t you at least be decent enough to avoid hanging out in her neighborhood? 

What’s grosser is that Mario moved around the corner and still lives in Ramona’s neighborhood, all the while flaunting Kasey. This is truly gross and we really feel for Ramona during this tough time.