Opinion: Lizzie Wasn’t “Bullied” For Big Boobs By Tamra



Last week, Real Housewife of Orange County Lizzie Rovsek took to her blog to write about how she was bullied for having big breasts. We actually sympathized with her and blogged about it here. Was she actually bullied? We think not. Let’s break down the facts. 

In her blog, Lizzie had written this: “It (Kentucky Fried Titties) sounded exactly like the pre-pubescent boys in my middle school P.E. class. ‘Hey Lizzie, can I get some fries with that shake.’ The girls would snicker, ‘Lizzie’s sprouting!!’ I grew up hearing a lot of derogatory names targeted at my large chest. I was the girl in fourth and fifth grade that cried when friends had pool parties and wore T-shirts over my swimsuit to cover up my chest. My mom’s friends would laugh and say, “One day you will love your assets.” But I was always self-conscious.”

Lizzie continued, “I grew up dancing and cheerleading and finding uniforms and dance recital costumes was always such a struggle for me. I literally thought about quitting just because of my boobs — I was so self-conscious and embarrassed. Thank goodness I have such a loving mother that made me feel so much more important than that and didn’t let me walk away from something I loved because of body image issues. Even when I started competing in beauty pageants the swimsuit competition was a big thing for me to over come. Some mothers assumed my mom bought me implants at 15. My boobs have always been ‘up for discussion.’ At Miss Teen USA, I had to have a special seamstress come in and sew cups in my BodyGlove competition suit because I was bouncing all over when I walked. When I competed in Miss USA, I also had to call in a special seamstress to alter my competition bikini top so it fit my little back and large chest. And, as many of you naturally larger chested women know; real boobs do not ‘stay put.’ After I moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career I found myself victim to my large chest yet again. I would only be called in for ‘Hot Girl #2′ and roles like that. How could anyone take me seriously with these 34DDD natural boobs at age 21? I had a college degree. I graduated top of my class, I was so much more than ‘Hot Girl #2,’ or so I thought.”

Lizzie wrapped up this with writing, “At age 23, I couldn’t take it anymore, I cried enough over being insecure about my body. It was time to do something about it. I talked to my mom and she took me for my first breast reduction. It was the best thing I ever did. I felt free! It felt so great to go swimsuit shopping and to buy dresses that I didn’t have to wear a minimizing bra with! I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I am 5’7″ and I always had boobs, so one thing I didn’t want to do is get rid of them completely. I still wanted to feel like me and keep some of my natural curves. Perhaps going 34D wasn’t small enough or maybe I just have incredible growing breast tissue. Whatever the case, my boobs were huge again six years later. I decided to have another breast reduction right before my wedding. I was the perfect size. Not too big and not too small. . .and then I had kids. So, now I have very large boobs again. I will probably get another reduction when I am done having children, but we want more kids so now is not the time. I guess God wants me to have big boobs! So, excuse me everyone for finally embracing my body.”

This truly sounded believable and a sincere gesture to get fans to understand why she was hurt by the comments. People who are bullied in life know how hard that can be to go through, and the memories never leave you. BUT- if you were bullied- would you do something to GIVE YOUR BULLIES more ammunition? What do we mean? Let’s take a look at what fellow housewife Tamra Judge just revealed about Lizzie in her blog this week. 

Tamra writes, “Now I am a bully. . .good lord! she is talking about how she was bullied for her big breast and how rude it was of me to make fun of her. Yes, I said that out of anger after what you said about Eddie and I am sorry if it hurt you feelings. But what makes me laugh is that she told me at Shannon’s holiday party and admitted to Andy at the Reunion that she has 300CC breast implants. So if you are so self conscious of your big breast and mentally damaged about being bullied why would you make your breast bigger? Another one of her contradictions and cries for attention!”

Okay- so let’s break it down:

– Lizzie claims she was bullied in the past for having big boobs and that Tamra brought her back to this time and victimized her for it. 

– Lizzie TOLD Tamra she had breast implants at Shannon’s holiday party AND it came up on an unaired portion of the reunion.

How do we know for sure it came up on the reunion, you may ask? How do we know Tamra isn’t lying? Because Bravo allowed her to POST IT in her blog. Bravo would never allow something posted that didn’t actually occur. Here’s a screenshot: 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.40.20 PM

It definitely would appear from this that Lizzie is not telling the complete truth. Whether or not Tamra poked fun at her boobs, does it make any sense you would be bullied for something in the past and then purposely undergo a surgery to make the thing you were bullied for even more apparent? That would be like an overweight person who was bullied purposely going to a surgeon to add more weight to their body- it just doesn’t make any sense. It honestly makes us feel like Lizzie is trying any which way she can to bring Tamra down and that’s not cool, housewife or not. 

Before we wrap up, we want to bring attention to something else a LOT of people are tweeting to me- yes, Tamra HAD fake breasts. But did she ever deny it? Did she ever claim to be victimized for it? No. So I’m not sure what this has to do with anything. 

Overall, we tend to do our best not to take sides, but examining the above facts makes it blatantly obvious Tamra did not bully Lizzie for her big boobs and that Lizzie is desperate to bring Tamra down. 

As usual, let us know what you think.