RHONJ Exclusive: Finale Was NOT Taped Weeks Ago



Last week, stories online claimed that the Real Housewives of New Jersey decided to wait to tape their finale until after the episode with Victoria Gotti aired so that everyone’s tensions would be high and the drama would come out. These stories even went as far as to report there was a ton of fighting. We can confirm that this is not the case. 

We spoke exclusively to a source close to production who tells us, “The finale was not filmed weeks ago. It was filmed normal time.”

The source also commented on why RHONJ did not air on Labor Day when all the other Bravo shows did. The source said, “Labor Day weekend usually has bad ratings anyway. It was our lowest rated episode last season. I don’t think they can risk that with this season. Ratings are already too low.”

Interesting! Regardless of when the finale was filmed, we do hope it brings the drama!