Tamra Judge- I Read Lizzie’s Blogs and Laugh- Oh, and She Has Implants

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Never one to mince words, Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge has taken to her blog to break down the season and she has specifically addressed Lizzie Rovsek, who has gone after her on more than one occasion. 

On Lizzie, Tamra writes, “I read her blogs and I had to laugh at her desire to twist every good thing I have done for her. Every week it is the same thing and all I can say is, as a wife, mother and neighbor of Lizzie’s I hope she can let things go. The lies that come out of her mouth are so twisted and down right scary. The truth is I did not know her very well and never said a bad thing about her to anyone. I honestly thought she was a nice person until I witnessed her drunk and talking very crass about my husband because I did not make it to her birthday party.”

She continued, “

I apologized for not making it to her birthday party and explained to her that I was really hoping my mom could get off work in time to watch Sophia, but that did not happen. My mom works for a restoration company and she got called to an emergency water leak. I thought we were OK and she understood. We texted the night of her party and joked about the picture that Vicki sent me of her dressed pulled up to her waist. I even gave her a free membership to my studio — only for her to put me down for given her a gift. BTW Lizzie we try to be as green as possible at CUT Fitness and we do not have membership cards. I texted you your login and showed you our app to schedule classes. Please stop twisting things. When somebody does something nice for you — you should say thank you!”

Tamra wasn’t done, writing, “I was even willing to forgive her for her comment about Eddie because I knew she was drunk. We all had a lot to drink that night. But her inability to apologize or even admit that she said it was mind blowing to me. Five people tell her what she did and she says “I am sorry for what you think I did or I am sorry if you think I was insinuating something.” I just don’t understand that behavior? I just don’t know where I went wrong with her and at this point I really do not care.”

Next, Tamra addressed Lizzie’s comments in her blog, claiming she invited Tamra to the Kentucky Derby. Tamra writes, “

Now I’m reading that she invited me to the Kentucky Derby and I made fun of the charity. . . Is she crazy? When she invited me to the Derby it was before she said Eddie wanted to “f— her.” So after lots of thought, we decided that it was best that we did not go. Eddie and I were both concerned that she would have another drunk outburst and put us in another weird situation. When I first got the invite I was very thankful and asked about the charity (I always like to get the full details when I am working with a charity). That is not making fun or putting down, it’s being educated on what and who I am supporting. Who in their right mind would put down a charity that is raising money for a cause? Heather and Terry were also invited and backed out last minute. . .but you’re OK with that? LOL”

Tamra also addressed how Lizzie claimed Tamra bullied her for her “naturally” big boobs. Are they nature? Think again. Tamra writes, “Now I am a bully. . .good lord! she is talking about how she was bullied for her big breast and how rude it was of me to make fun of her. Yes, I said that out of anger after what you said about Eddie and I am sorry if it hurt you feelings. But what makes me laugh is that she told me at Shannon’s holiday party and admitted to Andy at the Reunion that she has 300CC breast implants. So if you are so self conscious of your big breast and mentally damaged about being bullied why would you make your breast bigger? Another one of her contradictions and cries for attention!”

Tamra then discussed how she thinks Lizzie is obsessed with her, writing, “

After reading her last few blogs it became very clear to me that she is insanely obsessed with my life. (Obsession: A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.) I have never had another person pay so much attention to my every move and twist every conversation we have ever had to make me look bad. She blogs about me, tweets about me, and goes around the neighborhood talking about me, It is sad. The only thing I can think of is she sees my success and my happy marriage and she’s jealous? She told me herself that her marriage has been on the rocks for years and she was very vocal this season that her husband does not satisfy her needs in bed. It really breaks my heart and I would like to tell her that we don’t have to be best friends — but we don’t have to be enemies. I was very upset what she did to me in Bali and I had my fair share of bad things to say about Lizzie after that, but I have moved on. If anyone did anything bad it was Lizzie doing something bad to me. I am willing to forgive. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.”

Tamra wrapped up with saying, “But maybe that is something you learn with “old” age? Yes, Lizzie you are right I am old, 47 years old TODAY and so proud of what I have accomplished. I have four amazing kids, granddaughter on the way, married to the man of my dreams, own a business, and I’m  in the best shape of my life. Maybe being old isn’t that bad after all?”

We adore Tamra. She makes a lot of good points in this blog. What do you think- let us know?