Is There a Bun In Danielle Staub’s Oven?



Is there a bun in Danielle Staub’s oven? No, we don’t mean the baby type, but there may be a literal bun in an oven. What are we talking about? 

It seems Danielle’s campaign to get back on the Real Housewives of New Jersey must not be working, as she’s taken to consulting for hiring people for a restaurant. Details are here:




Zooming in on the picture reads:”Dynamic Employment Opportunity… New Jersey Housewife Star, Danielle Staub has collaborated with Hospitality Expert Stephen Brandman to Refer qualified individuals to join the team at a new restaurant and cocktail lounge in Bergen County located in Park Ridge, New Jersey.If you are engaging and enjoy meeting people, working in an up-beat exciting atmosphere with a delightful menu and unique cocktails, Danielle would love to refer you as a candidate. The restaurant still has positions open as cocktail waitresses, hostesses, bartenders and waitstaff. This is a great opportunity for anyone working in creative fields that need a second source of income as hours and shifts are flexible. The restaurant offers staff meals & lockers, uniforms and on the job training for anyone that shows great potential in representing the new brand.If interested in Danielle passing on your details to the restaurant, please send your resumes and or references to Danielle via email including the best contact details to 

FB Danielle Angelina Staub
IG @danielle_staub
Twitter @daniellestaub (verified)
Feel free to share your handle in your responses
The best way to contact Danielle is at the email provided above” 

(Yes, we typed it grammatically as it appeared) 

This was put on Twitter along with the tweet “#rhonj… #immediate #restaurant #PositionsOpen- #noExperience needed email ME today #interview”

This sounds a bit fishy to us for a few reasons… 

1- There was no mention of waitress or waiter, just cocktail waitress. What type of restaurant is this? 

2- When doing a quick google search for Stephen Brandman, you find a man who owns a series of hotels, but no “restaurant expert.” 

3- Wasn’t there already a reality show where Danielle was involved in a restaurant that closed after 5 months? Reality Tea featured an article on it. 

4- Is this Danielle’s new job? We’re confused, as we thought she had a new show coming soon. 

As far as Danielle, we can say that things continue to be interesting, and as with all the wives, we’ll definitely keep you informed on what’s happening.