Andy Cohen Was In The Middle of Developing A Show With Joan Rivers!



Everyone is reeling from the death of comedian Joan Rivers and Andy Cohen is amongst the mourning masses. He took to social media tonight to write about Joan and even mentioned he was in the process of pitching a show with her!

Andy wrote, “I love this ballsy, funny, generous, shrewd, unpredictable and loyal woman. I grew up in awe of her as she filled in for Carson and pinched myself when I co-starred in a pilot with her for Bravo in ’06. She went on to appear on WWHL many times, showing up in the middle of the night with a great attitude and a slew of new jokes. And this summer Michael Rourke and I developed a show with her, starring her, that we were in the middle of pitching networks. She was so indomitable we all thought she would live forever. Joan was a trailblazer and an indelible part of pop culture.”

Wow! That would have been some show! We sure are sad we missed that and we definitely miss Joan already!