Danielle Staub Hits Below The Belt Again and We’re Siding With Dina Manzo



With news broken that Jacqueline Laurita is returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey, it seems that former housewife Danielle Staub will stop at nothing in her desperate attempt to get back on the show, even if that means taking extremely hateful digs towards her former cast members to major magazines. Her latest target is none other than Dina Manzo. What does Danielle have to say about Dina? 

Danielle claims Dina’s soon to be ex-husband Tommy is gay. She says, ““I don’t think that Dina ever didn’t know. He had to hide it to appease the Manzo family, because it wasn’t acceptable for him to be gay. Dina was well aware of what she was getting into. Caroline was in on it too, because she set the two of them up.”

She alluded to him having two boyfriends, one in Miami and one in New Jersey. In addition, Danielle claims Dina has been having an affair with a “mystery man” since 2000 as a result of finding out her husband was gay. 

This REEKS of bogus for so many reasons and here’s a few:

– If someone found out their husband was gay, would they stay with them for 14 years? What benefit would this possibly have to them? It’s not like Dina wasn’t successful on her own. 

– Does anyone believe Dina has been having an affair with a “mystery man?” Don’t you think someone of her public stature would be caught with the “mystery man” by someone long before this? She’s been in the limelight for quite a few years now, and never been photographed with the alleged man. 

– Do you think Danielle would actually have insider info on Dina? Let’s not forget from the second she met her Dina wanted nothing to do with her. Due to this, what is the likelihood Danielle would have gotten close enough to Dina and Tommy to be pertinent to this information? 

– Finally- and the strongest reason we don’t believe it- is that Danielle is DESPERATE to be back on the show and we believe she will use any means to get back on the show. If that means spreading gossip in order to make herself seem “in the know” or relevant- well, we simply don’t believe she’s above that. 

We’re definitely siding with Dina on this one. 

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