Justice for Joe and Melissa Gorga Finally!


If you follow housewives news, you know that Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe have been involved in a legal battle with a man who was renting (with the intention to eventually buy) their home, Kai Patterson. They tried to evict him for not paying rent and he fought back numerous times, claiming he had fixed things in the home out of his own pocket. As of last week, it looks like the case may finally be coming to a close. What happened? A judge ruled in favor of the Gorgas, issuing them a “judgment of possession” ordered Kai to either face eviction or pay $30,821 immediately to the Gorgas. As of Saturday night, Kai Patterson released a statement claiming he will leave their home. 

While the Gorgas should have been paid what they were own, we are at least happy to see they are getting some sort of justice. 

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