Lush Saying Goodbye To Retro Line


If you follow us on Twitter, you know what HUGE fans we are of Lush Cosmetics. This morning, when perusing their website, we noticed something that made us stop in our tracks! Their retro line is being discontinued! What is their retro line? 

Their retro line are products they’ve “retired” from their stores but are available for special order online. These products include Bath Bombs, Body Conditioners, Soaps, and more. 

Lush writes on their website, “Farewell, Retro. All good things must come to an end and we’re saying goodbye to our range of Retro LUSH goodies to make way for new and exciting things we’re cooking up. We know that breaking up is hard to do, but what better way to deal with heartache than to stock up on everything that reminds you of your past loves? Order now! These Retro favorites are only available online, and they won’t last long!”

We are definitely excited for the new products, but will miss the old ones. Go here to order some before they sell out!