Alex McCord- I Am Fairly Certain We Will Never See Lizzie Rovsek Again



As you may know, former Real Housewife of New York City Alex McCord has a daily video show on The Stir called “The Real Deal” where she breaks down reality television. In today’s episode, she discussed last night’s “Secrets Revealed” episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. She mentioned Lizzie Rovsek and how she doesn’t really see a future for her on the show. Why? 

“By the footage we saw of Lizzie Rovsek this episode, I am fairly certain we will never, ever see her ever again,” Alex began.

She continued discussing her, saying, “We saw a lovely family dinner with all of Lizzie’s extended family and everyone looks well put together and intelligent and loving- and that is the reality TV equivalent of a positive send off. Meaning they liked Lizzie, she probably won’t be back, so let’s give her this. That doesn’t mean that Lizzie might not be on standby in case they can’t find any new cast members they like, but I’m thinking she’s done.”

Interesting! Tell us- do you agree or do you think Lizzie will be back?