Exclusive Interview- Dina Manzo Talks Project Ladybug, Claims She’s NOT Scared of Drama

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One of the things we noted in our video recap of the Real Housewives of New Jersey the other night was how much we loved seeing Dina Manzo get the girls together to focus on her charity, Project Ladybug. After the episode aired, we got to catch up with Dina to discuss the charity. 

When asked how she got the idea for Project Ladybug, Dina said, “It actually started off as just an event I was going to do for a good cause. I was going to a lot of charity events and the cause was great but the party wasn’t. I know I throw a good party so I figured why not lend my talents to charity. So I gathered friends and family around my dining room table and got to work. It wasn’t until I toured the hospital and saw children going to treatment with no winter coats or warm shoes I decided I couldn’t just stop at this one event. That’s when Project Ladybug was born!”

Discussing what made the cause so important to her, Dina told us, “My Dad was always a huge supporter of St. Jude. I remember writing my first check to them as a young adult and feeling so great to carry on this tradition. I got a mailing years later from them and the little girl suffering looked so much like Lexi, it hit home for me.”

We next asked Dina what types of different events the charity organizes. She told us, “There are so many but I can tell you they are all amazing and you will want to come back for the next one I promise!”

One of the questions we typically hear surrounding charity is how people can get involved. On this, Dina explained, “Go to projectladybug.org and join our mailing list. Write in if you can lend your talents or time. We are a volunteer only charity, no one gets paid so we are always looking for people lend a hand with events or mailings, etc. The best thing you can do is make a donation or gather your friends and come to our events. That’s how we make our money, dollar for dollar, but I’m proud to say we’ve raised over a million dollars through these events and the generous people who attend them!”

Wrapping up the interview, we asked Dina if there was anything else about the charity she wanted to share. She told us, ” The most rewarding part is without a doubt knowing that we are making a difference in these kids lives. I am not one to tweet about what goes on every day because I’m very protective of these kids and their privacy. But on a daily basis we are making a huge difference. From renovating entire oncology wings to make them child friendly and fun to sending families on their dream vacation or experience.”

She continued, “It really puts things in perspective for me, there’s not a week that goes by that I’m not in contact with a social worker or volunteer at one of our hospitals. I visit often and keep in touch with families. When you see what these kids are up against, petty drama or twitter BS means nothing to me. Lots of people think I run from drama because I’m scared…not the truth at all. I just know there’s more important things to put my energy towards and I know what matters in life.   ~Namaste Bitches!”

The work Dina does with this charity definitely is important and we truly admire her for and applaud her efforts. We enjoyed talking with her and hope to catch up with her again soon!